Mobile Posting from bus station

I’m in Azompur bus stand now. Waiting for bus. It’ll come in 11 pm. So, this post is for passing time 😀

i’ve not posted in wordpress blog from mobile before. So, it’s a new experience to me.

I’ve just bought a ticket in 280 taka. Dhaka to Nachole…. It’s a long distance..
Hope i’ll reach at my home in morning. My mother is eagerly waiting for me.

Tomorrow my aunty whom i call “Sulekha Aunty” will come to our home. I like aunty a lot.. My cousins Ripa & Rupa will come also. Ripa is very much fond of me.

When Ripa was in class 2, she told her mom, “mom, i love sumon vaia. Plz let me marry him in future”. Such interesting Ripa is! 😀 😀

My Younger brother Sagor’s exam is over. Srabony got A+ . So, it’s time of enjoyment. Hope i’ll spend this vacation with greatest pleasure.

OMG! I’ve just got the news of half hour delay of our bus. That means it’ll come at 11.30!

Not bad. I’m enjoying mobile posting. It’s really painless. But it’s very worm here. I’m swearing. 😦

i’ve taken 4 dvds for Lopa. She is very excited. Hope she’ll enjoy these a lot. It took a long time to select best movies, dramas, songs out of my 670 GB harddisk &write those in only 4 dvds. But i tried my best. I think Lopu will like it.

I’ve become tired pressing keys of mobile. So, i’m finishing this post here. 😀

5 responses to “Mobile Posting from bus station

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